Monday, July 8, 2013

Baptisms and Bowling!

Carina & Raul's familia
Yesterday we had Carina´s baptism so that was pretty neat. We have been waiting quite a while to be able to do it and they chose yesterday so that they could bless their baby and have the baptism on the same day. It was cool because Raul blessed his baby, his brother blessed his daughter Alison, and then Raul baptized Carina after church. It was a great thing to see all of their family come from DF and from other parts to support them in the baptism. Carina´s parents aren´t receptive to the church or anything, so I´m not sure they know that she was baptized. We felt a strong presence of the spirit there after the baptism and Raul shared his testimony. They will definitely be in the temple next year to be sealed. 
Elder Palacios, Carina, Raul y Elder Hill
 Today we went bowling as a district. It was fun because we haven´t been able to do anything for a while for certain situations that come up each week. We bowled 3 games and I had to put the example for the district and win two of the three. On the second game I taught the Hermana Chalacan (from Ecuador) how to bowl and she mastered it on the last game and won us all. That´s what I get for sharing my talents! :) 
Elder Hill's District: Elders' Hill, Richardson, Calle, Palacios,
Hermanas Chalacon y Marin
This week we found Paola and Raul and they are pretty good investigators. I know that there are a lot of people here waiting to know the Gospel and we have to find them. They are bro/sis and they will probably want to get baptized together and I think it will be in august so that Raul can stop smoking. We talked to Alejandro yesterday and he was still hung over from the parties Friday and Saturday. He said that he does want to change his life, and I know that it is hard, but he just keeps falling. We´ll talk to him today and see how he is doing.

Other than that, we didn´t have a whole lot of noteworthy events this week. I went to a training meeting on Wednesday and we ate Domino´s pizza, Thursday was the zone meeting, and on the 4th I was on exchanges with Elder Richardson. I think that by the end of a hard day´s work we had both forgotten that it was the 4th because we didn´t do anything special. I reported to Elder Shumway that night and they told me that they bought pizza to have a little party and then I realized that it was the 4th. Oh well, I guess for next year I´ll just party it up triple time to make up for the two years of being a Mexican. 

Be of good courage. I know that the move isn´t something easy, but it will all work out in the end. If it´s not okay, it´s not the end. There IS a plan, but the battle sometimes is aligning our will with the Lord´s. Do what is right and God will bless you. This I know. 

Elders' Palacios, Hill y zone
--zone conference a while back 
-handsome Elder bowling 
 the district Elders Richardson, Calle, Palacios, Hill, Hermanas Chalacan and Marin
Love you, too. I know that it isn´t easy but just accept the change. Accept that it is a time to learn something new. This life isn´t forever and we need to learn all that we can if we are to be Gods and not angels. You´ll look back on this life and say, I´m so glad I went through all that. Just have an eternal perspective. It´s not the end of the world. Change is the only constant. 

Gotta go but I´ll keep praying and hoping that you can find a place to go and that it will be a better circumstance. 

Love you all, tons. 


Elder Hill 
Fotos-las hermanas 

scores from the first game. I scored better the second game. :)

I had to laugh seeing this, as Elder Hill's name is not on here,
however "ROJO" is, meaning RED!

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