Monday, July 22, 2013

Everyone Suffers Sometimes & Open My Eyes More on the Sabbath...Keep it Holy!

Elder Palacios w/ boy of investigators familia

Elder Palacios y Elder Hill with ???
Things seem to be getting more and more difficult as the time goes by. People say that everything gets easier after the first year, but not right now! I love my companion and everything, but it´s getting tough. Up until June 3 I thought that I was going to make my whole mission without having a "difficult and/or disobedient" companion. I know that there is something to learn from it, but it´s sometimes hard to see the sun through the rain cloud.

It was also a hard week for some of the members and the investigators. There are a lot of severly sick members in the ward right now and I feel like it´s because they need to be humbled to remember that God gives them everything and that he can take it away just as easily. Alejandro hasn´t been drinking so that´s good. He´s still progressing towards baptism. On Tuesday morning one of his neighbors was found dead. She had committed suicide shortly before her husband and 3 kids had gotten home from playing soccer. Alejandro saw her and it is marked in his head that he needs to take advantage of the life that God has given him and to not drink or destroy his body. The next day he had two friends shot and killed not too far from here because they were involved in drug trafficking. It´s a really sad situation, but Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways to bring to pass His plan.

There is a family here in the ward who has helped my open my eyes more on the subject of keeping the sabbath day holy. The dad has a calling, their sealed in the temple, he works for the church, but they recently signed up their son for a football league that plays on sundays. They sometimes go to church in the morning and then go to the game but they usually just go to the game. The son broke his collar bone during training and can´t play anymore but they go to the games still. They say that it´s a family time and that they are united but what they don´t realize is that if the brother doesn´t show up to church, he´ll lose his job. By losing his job, the marriage will have problems. If the marriage has problems, the kids will have problems. Pretty soon the prophecies will be fulfilled about those who dont´t keep the sabbath day holy. In true to the faith, conference talks, preach my gospel, and other manuals, the prophets have said that we don´t buy, sell, work, or participate in recreational activities on Sunday. IF we do, we will suffer the consequences. The saddest part is that we tried to help them see the problem but they don´t accept it. They justify their sins. I´m grateful for the mission because there are so many things like this that I am seeing and will change in my life when I get home.

I hope that you´re all doing well with the move. Let me know where you end up and all that fun jazz. Just look for the good in the trial. If we´re always focused on the negative, that´s how our life will be. Count your many blessings, name them one by one. Love you all.


Elder Hill

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