Monday, July 15, 2013

Hung Over In Church (Investigator) Addictions-- Stay Away From Them!

District Leaders
Yesterday we went to pick up Alejandro to go to church with us. We got to his house at like 8:30 and his mom told us that he had just gotten home from partying. We decided to wake him up and take him to church. He woke up, showered fast, and was throwing up before he got dressed. We got to church just in time for Carina´s confirmation which was a nice experience. After the first hour, Alejandro was a little bit on nerves and feeling sick. He told us at the end that he was feeling better and that it was a blessing because he would normally be throwing up in the street all that time that we were in church. Addictions-- stay away from them. 

Carina and Raul are doing well. They are already planning their sealing for next year. Well, not planning it but they do talk about it quite a lot. Raul and Paola (brother/sister) didn´t go to church but they are doing well. Paola told us that she feels that she was already prepared for us and when we began to teach her, she felt a familiar ring to what we were teaching. She´s what we call an "elect". D&C 29:7 I believe is a reference for that. 

Nothing else really happened this week. Time is going by so fast that I can´t remember. We found out that there is a sister in this ward who has always been really gossipy and she started spreading rumors about me! She doesn´t have much to rumor about but I guess that´s why they are rumors, because they´re not true. She´s on the waiting list for a good little "regañada" (mom’s translation=scolding) from the scriptures. DON´T GOSSIP! Oh, and yesterday President Call called us and asked us to go to the offices this morning. My companion said that when he called last night, his heart skipped a beat. It was just for a little interview and nothing interesting happened. 

Well, I really can´t remember what else happened this week. I´ll keep better track and inform you next week. Have a fabulous week, fam, and we´ll talk on Monday. 


Elder Hill 

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