Monday, July 29, 2013

If Man Were Constant, He´d Be Perfect & The Blessings DO COME, but Only AFTER We Are Obedient, Faithful, and Diligent.

Elders Hill and Palacios SOAKING wet!

Paola and her guinea pig
It´s been such a long week that has gone by so fast! I know that sounds like an irony, but it´s true. I can´t differentiate or remember anymore what happened last week and what happened last month! It was a good week as far as the work goes. We´ve been finding new people and putting baptismal dates. It looks like within the next month, we should have around 7 baptisms. It´s pretty exciting because we just keep increasing our numbers because we are working hard. Alejandro drank again this week so we´re not really sure what to do with him. Raul and Paola cancelled pretty much every appt we had last week and we haven’t really seen them. We have an appt today so we´ll go see how they are. Paola should be getting baptized this week as well as Edgar. Edgar´s family is a little frustrated with him because they think that   he´s just doing it for the girlfriend but he really does like church and says that he wants to be baptized. We still have to verify but it looks like we´ll have two baptisms this week! I had my second temple recommend interview as an endowed member and it´s a good feeling to be able to qualify to enter the house of the Lord. I´m grateful for the mission and the understanding that I´ve been able to gain so far. I can see how it will be a blessing for the rest of my life. 

We started teaching Lupe (Guadalupe). She´s Vicente's daughter and she has the problem of just being shut in her room all day and all night on the computer and the chat rooms. Vicente is an old investigator that has also decided to be baptized and his daughter, who used to ignore everyone and even more the missionaries, has accepted to change her life and help her family. It´s been tough because she´s really quiet and awkward, and I like to talk a lot, and I don´t know what to say. I started telling spanish jokes in one appt and since then, it´s been a little better. She´s opening up more and we are starting to see a little more light in her life. It´s something that she really needs. 
We had zone conference Thursday. We didn´t learn anything new, other than the fact that the missionary dress standards have been modified. We can now wear sweaters without a suit coat so that´s pretty sweet. It will be good when it starts getting cold outside. Everything we else was just helping us get the desire to do the things that we already know. It´s sad that as humans we just forget or tend to slack off and stop doing what we know. Someone once said, "If man were constant, he´d be perfect."

Well, congrats on the new house deal! It looks like a big chore but it will be good. The blessings DO COME, but only AFTER we are obedient, faithful, and diligent. We have to believe in something we don´t see, but that we know will eventually happen or reveal itself. 

Love you all! Be good and be safe! 

Elder Hill  
 Go betweens on Monday~Ma & Mateo
I already have a account. I´ll have to fill it out next week because we were in the office too much time today and I don´t have time before our appt. Renting or qualified to buy? 
I thought so, but you are not on it. When are transfers? Buying :)!
I´ll check it next week. Transfers next week. I´m sure Palacios will leave
Hey, I have to go but I´m glad that you were able to get the house and all that. Just work hard and be diligent in what you know is right and more blessings are in store. 

Sorry for being such a spoiled rotten brat and for being disrespectful. Good thing I came on the mission, if not, my poor wife would have had to put up with me and my immaturity. 

Love you. Tell everyone hello for me. 

Elder Hill 

PIX: paola and her guinney pig
In the car and one time we were soaking wet
little shower cake thing (learned in utah)
with Raul & Carina
David & familia
Jacqueline and kids, Alison & Minely

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