Monday, September 2, 2013


So, another NC phrase is "What´s good?" I hadn´t heard it since Queretaro because there was a family there who lived in Georgia and they said the same thing. It makes more sense than saying what´s up? but I won´t ever admit that to my companion! ;) He also says "good land." When it rains, they say that in NC their future wife gets cuter by the second, so he´s always hoping that it rains (and I´m hoping that it doesn´t.) 
We were walking to an appt the other day when some guy hands us like a little advertisement for the store that he works at. My companion says, "Thanks! Let me give you one, too!" and he pulls out a pamphlet about the Gospel of Jesus Christ..... The guy just looked at him like, ´okay...thanks.... you´re weird´and I just laughed. Then another day we did an FHE with a family and Raúl took us home in his taxi. Zeagler was hanging out the window on Friday night traffic telling people to read the Book of Mormon and people just thought he was crazy. I had to be a "agua fiestas" and tell him that it´s probably not thee best idea to do that. Some people might keep that image about the church forever! 
We´ve still been struggling to find new investigators. We´re going to work more with the ward leaders and try to strengthen them. The stake president went to our ward council meeting and said that there is a lot of discouragment and suppressiveness in the ward and that we all need to pick it up and smile more. It really helps. That´s what our job will be for the next little while. 
Elder Hill, (Whom has been compared on numerous occasions to Captain Moroni),
signed his name and mission dates on Capt. Moroni
I hope that things can get better. Keep praying, fasting, and being obedient. Blessings come. 
Elder Hill 

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