Tuesday, September 17, 2013

¡Feliz Grito de la Independencia! !Happy September 16th! Weird Transfers!

¡Feliz Grito! ¡Viva México!!! "¡Vivan los héroes que nos dieron patria! ¡Viva la independencia nacional, viva el bicentenario de la Independencia, viva el centenario de la Revolución! ¡Viva México!"
Wow.... transfers were so weird this time! 
Elder Zeagler and I were to totally thinking that we wouldn´t have transfers because he was being trained and it´s not too common that they change that sort of companionship. What´s even more strange is that they take both Elders out and put Sisters in! I received a call from Pres. Call on Friday asking about the area (and it´s not the safest area out there) and when I told him that it wasn´t too safe for sisters he told me that he needed to find a lot of areas for Sisters. However, I didn´t think that they would be put in my area.  The Sisters are taking over the mission! There were a ton of sisters in the office today!  It´s all good though. I have been super stressed out since Saturday when they told us that because we had to let the people that we had been teaching know because we couldn´t just leave them there hangin’ and we went around with the ward mission leader to show him the area and all that jazz. Lots of filling out paperwork and getting the house clean so that the sisters could get there without problems. I started packing this morning at 9:30a and that was the hardest thing ever.

On Monday night we had an FHE lesson in Spanglish! The Bishop´s son and wife and a young couple came down from California to visit and see the grito for the 15th and the wives didn´t speak a whole lot of English. So, for the bishop to understand and an investigator that they brought, and the wives to understand, we spoke Spanglish. It was a lot harder than I thought trying to teach in English. It´s a whole different world. Also, the Bishop´s daughter in law was asked to speak in church on Sunday and the bishop just calls me up and says, "And now Elder Hill will help Sister Flores translate here message."...... I´m just like... What? It turned out being okay but I spaced out sometimes and forgot what she said and I had to ask her again. 

Also, the question that usually comes up in any relationship came up last week. Elder Zeagler asked me, "When you first saw me, what did you think?" and I told him that when I saw him he was the only one with glasses and looked really serious and really lost and I thought, I hope it´s not him. (because, two serious people just doesn´t work too well) and he said, "When I first saw you I was like, yep´! I want to be with him because I know he speaks English!" It was funny and I was dead wrong about him being serious! Ha! He´s a funny kid! I´m sure I´ll miss him! 
We found a guy named Ricardo on Wednesday. We were leaving the private residence where he lives and he was standing in the door and just says, "Adios Elderes!" Now when that happens here you just stop dead in your tracks and go talk to the person ‘cause that doesn´t happen too much. Turns out that his brother is from La Quebrada and I know him! We met last year. So we started teaching him and all that and he´s pretty interested. The sisters have an appt tonight with him. It was interesting how we got to run into him because if things would have worked out how they were planned, we wouldn´t have been able to. Long story short, we went to eat but they wouldn´t let us in at the other entrance of the complex and they made us go to the other side. I was super frustrated because the renta cop was talking smack to me and I just decided to leave. I talked to the owner of the security company who gave us permission to go in whenever we want, and turns out that the sister wasn´t there so we went back out the way we came and there was Ricardo. He for some reason didn´t have work that day and he happened to be standing in his doorway with a movie paused.. Coincidence? I think not!! 

Well, I gotta go. The whole Mexican 4th thing turned out okay. I actually slept that night which is really weird. I haven´t been sleeping well and on the night that probably made the most noise, I slept. Thanks for the stuff you sent with César. He´s a cool guy. I took advantage of the opportunity and left him with a few pamphlets from the Church and he said that he´d read them. We´ll see what happens. 
Have a nice week! Love you all! 
Gotta go because it´s late and we got work to do. 
So, If you could just confirm that for me about DCSO and all that, perfect. It would be a good part time job if they pay for post and paramedic. If you could just get the timelines good that´d be great. Also, I was thinking, It might be easier to come down during spring break so that des doesn´t get out of school and it will be easier to do other things when I ´m not a missionary.... etc. think about it. 
Elder Hill 

fotos-Elder Zeagler at work dusting the couch cover and Elder Lamping
from Draper! Totally forgot to let you know that he´s my new companion. I´ll tell you more about him next week. 

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