Monday, September 23, 2013

Piernas Maravillosas, Marvelous Legs, "Mission Rolls" AND PRAYERS ARE ANSWERED!

So, when Zeagler and I found out where we were going (to pure hills), he started telling members that he was going to have some "piernas maravillosas" or "marvelous legs". He´s a funny kid and it´s right.


There have been a couple days when we are late for an appt or it´s raining, and we have to pretty much run up the hills and it´s tiring. The first week back here has been great and I´ve seen a lot of members that I met last year. There are a few from La Quebrada that I didn´t see yesterday in church, but I´m sure I´ll see them in the coming weeks. It´s been fun to be back, however, it´s a little deceiving because I feel like it should be May again and it´s nearly October. This is a good area to finish the mish because I´ll lose a little bit of my ´mission rolls´and all that, and the ward is good. 
Turns out that Elder Lamping have a lot in common, too! He´s Josh, and has a brother named Matthew. His mom is Wendy. He likes mountain biking and also worked a little in construction with his dad. Also, turns out that he played with Christopher Griggs back in the day and his grandma is one of their old neighbors. The world just seems so small. He´s a good kid and has a great spirit and love for the work. He´s usually teaching me how to keep up the good work. 
This week I have gotten to know a few of the investigators and members that we are teaching right now. Silvia is about my age and has been coming to church for a while and I don´t really know why she doesn´t get baptized because she wants to read D&C and everything, comes to church, comes to activities, and all. We have an appt tomorrow to see her. There are a few people that Elder Lamping hasn´t really been able to tell me about because when he met them for the first time, he didn´t really understand what they do or things like that. We have contacted a few people like Francisco and Maria. They were two different contacts that we did in the street looking for other people and they seem really nice. We have appts to contact them and teach them this week. We´ve been focusing a lot on ALWAYS asking for referrals, which is what it says in the back of PMG. This week we got 10 and we hope to get more this week. Antonio is a less active member and his wife, Maria, isn´t a member but seems to like the church a lot, but hasn´t gone in a while. Efrain is a guy who just loves to have us over and feed us dinner but he doesn´t want to commit to doing anything in the church. He doesn´t want to stop working. Our appt on Saturday we were going to drop him and not visit anymore, but as we were leaving his sister in law asked us how to read the BOM and then we realized that prayers are answered. We hope to be able to teach her about how to read it and all that tonight. There are a few other people that I honestly don´t remember right now. Don´t have a lot of time, but I´ll be sure to take better notes next week and let you know more. 
Time to just keep haulin´ along in the Valle de Tules and work hard. The district is really cool with Elders Chandler (knew him in Queretaro) and Bautista, Elders Valdez and Garcia, and Sisters Ibaven, Pérez, and Rosa. 
Be good! Love you all! 

Elder Hill  
Well, I was going to upload a picture or two but looks like this computer has a virus and erased my memory card. Patience is obviously a virtue I have yet to master. :) 
Thanks for looking into it all. If you could please just do that I would really appreciate it. Also, think about coming down in the summer instead of getting me. I think that it would be a lot easier. Gotta go. Love you. Forgot to write that we have cockroaches again, too. I was going to send a picture, but it´s gone so I´ll let you know what´s up later. 

Loves ya tons, 
Elder Hill 

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