Sunday, December 15, 2013

Blogging, Comments, Questions and Answers

Oh my goodness Everyone! Thank you SO much for all your posts! I hope you all receive this email!

This is me hugging my son before he left!
I will try and answer you all in 1 email, going from my phone to laptop. Thank you for all your compliments and for taking your precious time to read our blog! :) Please keep coming back! I would love to have you add your country when you comment, that would be AWESOME!
1st of all. I created this blog almost 2 years ago for my son who is serving the Lord, Heavenly Father/God on an LDS mission to Mexico City, the North area.

I had never done a blog, and really didn't know what one was until my son left for his mission.
I used google blog. found some templates, then adjusted in the edit part. Easy to do if you just use google and you get much traffic! 

I have never blogged before. These are his writings. I spellcheck and get creative with the pix, titles, but it is Matthew's writings. I am only allowed to receive an email from him every Monday, a phone call on Christmas and Mother's Day for 2 years! It is our religions, "Right of Passage" so to say. He would be THRILLED to touch SO many of you worldwide!

I spend about an hour a week reading his letters, copying to Word to lose formatting, proof-reading and spell-checking, downloading pictures, then uploading to the blog.

#1- if you would like more information on this subject, I have dedicated a page with links in each of your languages. Here is the link: Many of you are able to download The Book of Mormon from this page with NO SPYWARE OR MALWARE. If you choose to and read the book; pray and ask if it is true. If you would like a missionary to come and teach you more worldwide, they are available and would be there within a week or so. Just provide me with your name, address and telephone number. If you would like to chat with a missionary immediately... click this link:
#2- To subscribe to this feed via feedburner: Other feeds:
#3- not sure how to protect against hackers... not that web savvy. If you use blogger and many others, it backs up your information, as well as an external hard drive.
#4- Some have wondered "how" they got to this website. My answer would be God directed you. There ARE NO COINCIDENCES, in my book. :)
#5- As far as WYSIWYG, (What You See Is What You Get, I remember from college) I have little coding experience. Mostly just to rename html's, edit a bit and re design this site. Google Blogger is what I use and it is EASY!!
#6- Some have stated this page runs off in Internet Explorer. I have checked Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer here... seems to be no problem. Try adjusting your display settings. Try the boring version of it here:
#7- YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY welcome to share this with ANYONE, ANYTIME!!
#8- Occasionally I get duplicate comments. I have hear from a few that they do to. I do not know how to "unsubscribe you" Google it. Sorry.
#9- I only get photos when he sends them. Mexico City can be dangerous, so he only takes pictures when he feels safe. Sometimes I have many, sometimes none. Sorry.
#10- If you haven't read all the posts...start from here!
#11- PLEASE don't SPAM this site..find others. Thank you!
I hope i answered all of your questions, comments, concerns and critiquing.
Thanks again for visiting!

Enjoy and good luck. Keep coming back!!

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