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On Wednesday I got up and wasn`t feeling too well,  but we went to the church at 10;30 because we had interviews with President Call after our district meeting. E. Sandoval and I went last so the interview was really short since we had gone over time during the morning. I also ate my last "interview brownie" in the mission. Crazy. Anyway, the four of us (E. Dastrup and Torrecilla) leave and go eat and the family gives us rice, eggs w/ jalapeños, and lemonade. From there, we stopped by the house to grab something and I threw up what we ate. I thought that I`d just take some good old pepto and all would be well. So, we head to Tepalcapa for a meeting with Elder Daniel L. Johnson, the area President. Before the meeting we got our vaccinations but the doctor got a little lost and got there late. I started helping fill syringes so that we could get done on time and I was feeling a little queezy and towards the end E. Dastrup is like, "Hey Hill, can you inject me?" The doctor was like 'go ahead' so I inject him real quick, and put the syringe on the table and I feel nauseous. I head to the bathroom when it starts coming up so I cover the mouth, get to the garbage can, and then in the bathroom someone said 'hey if you need the toilet go ahead' so I get to the toilet and throw up everything else that I had eaten that day and I look over and I splattered Elder Grace`s shoe with stuff  and my shirt was splattered but you couldn`t really tell with the jacket on. Needless to say I think it was my most embarrassing day in the mission. Throw up stained shirt at a meeting with a General Authority. 

Cristian and Cintia are progressing well. They have 5 little kids and the 3 little girls stayed in primary and enjoyed their time. Yolanda, José Luis, and Ana Laura went as well and are progressing toward baptism. Ana Laura gave us each a little Christmas balloon and a little letter. I`ll take pictures for next week. We`ve been finding new people little by little but so far no success. We´re doing our best to always be diligent and obedient even when the opposition comes heavy. It`s been one of the most challenging yet rewarding times of the mission. ALMA 32:40-43 Through patience and hard work, looking forward to the end when the tree bears fruit, that`s why we go through hard times. To grow and then get the reward. 

Well, I think that`s about it. I`m sorry for not taking pictures... I just don`t think about it too much. I`ll take my camera this week to take pictures of our invetigators and maybe some places here in Tepotzotlan. 
Be good. Love you all.

Elder Hill
ps... brownies in interview and a cake the four of us ate today (Dastrup, Torrecilla, Sandoval, me)
I was actually going to thank you for that today. I was just in a huge frenzy last week because I didn`t have time to write or anything. Lately we`ve been doing things on Mondays and we don`t have time to do anything else. 
How much did it cost you to do it? I really do appreciate it and I apologize if it was far too much to have it done. Maybe I should have just left it how it was in the first place. 
Hope Josh can get better. I`m glad the house is moving along and if it`s not finished when I get home that`s fine. I`ll help to get it finished. 
Also, I emailed Kirk at Mt. Nebo  last week but he didn`t answer me this week. I asked him how it would work for when I get home... Has Lane said anything about South Davis doing a training school? I know that they hired two two years ago this last August so I`m not sure what their plans would be. Do you have Dane Stone`s email in my phone, or John Hauze`s? I can`t remember if it ends in or



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