Monday, December 16, 2013

Visitors Center, CHRISTmas, Would HE Shop or Go Preach the Gospel or Heal a Wounded Heart?


So, this week has been crazy. The highlight was that we went to the visitor`s center that was opened on November 23rd. There were so many people there! I saw people from Querétaro and Tezontepec which was crazy. I also ran into members from Jardines and Valle de Tules.  I never thought that I`d see so many people that I knew. The Church world is so small. Elder Sandoval pretty much had a family reunion because he had so much family that came from Puebla. It was a good time. Oh, I also saw Elder Tolentino who was with me in trio when I first got to the mission! He got home two weeks ago and was with his family at the VC. I forgot to take a picture. 

The visitor`s center here is really neat with a bunch of new technology and interactions. Everyone who went loved it and was able to learn a little bit more about the church which is the best part. We should have Brianda, Cristian, and Cintia`s baptism next Sunday. Brianda still has to get married so we`ll see how that goes. 

Other than that, there wasn`t anything too interesting that happened this week. I`m getting a little better thanks to the buttock antibiotic injections the doctor prescribed me. That`s something that never happens at home. 

Merry Christmas season to all. I hope that we can all relax a little and not worry so much about the gifts and the goodies, and just worry about serving someone in need. What would Christ do? Go shopping all day for deals on electronics and all the newest fun stuff, or would he go preach the Gospel or heal a wounded heart? I`m not perfect, but I`d rather avoid the headache of going shopping and just go help someone else. We`ve all made covenants at baptism that we are willing to take the name of Christ upon us, to cry with those who suffer, and to lend a helping hand. Now, more than ever, it is needed to be done to have a better world. 

Christ lives. He was resurrected and He guides His Church today. No doubt about it. President Monson is a prophet. He speaks to Jesus Christ face to face just as the prophets of old. There is no other true Church than this one. Pray. Know for yourself. 

Happy day! All is well! 


Elder Hill 


all of our investigators in the Visitor`s center 

the sign out front
The temple 
Kenith and Crisanta (family of Yatziri) from Querétaro
Hermano Oscar from Tezontepec 
Cabello Family (mom and son who got home from the mish in August) from Querétaro

Elders Sandoval y Hill Mexico City Visitors Center Seguimosa Jesucristo
Elders Carmack, Torrecilla, Hill and Sandoval at the Cristus
The group again. Looks better this one. 
Cristian and Cintia and their 5 kids with Rodrigo and Brianda
Elder Olivares and Elder Lopez and us, (Elders Hill and Sandoval)

Us on the bus. 

Hola Son,
Tell me that you are better!!!??
Justin Parkinson is back, Troy Schuler's homecoming was today. So may people are already back....
Hey, I`m feeling a little better. The doctor gave me antibiotic injections, so that was fun doing the whole IM in the buttocks thing this week. I might have to go back for more because I still have a good cough and green phlegm. 

Please get my transcripts asap because Davis district only has stuff until the student is 21 then it`s out of their system. 

I know a lot of people are back. Oh well. That`s how life is. 

Love you. Hope things get better. 

Ma-Got transcripts! YOU ARE IN, (Mt. Nebo Paramedic Training), don't worry...Mom's got that part handled. Do you think you will do the 3rd semester of Mt. Nebo?
Don't get me wrong, happy not home yet. Home not ready. I love  you!
I don`t know yet. I could do it, however, I`m not sure if I will because I still don`t know if I`ll start at USU, (Utah State University), in the fall or if I`ll do POST or anything like that. I don`t think I`ll do fire (academy) because they will be cutting back guys due to the new health insurance stuff that Obama pulled. If you could find out if DCSO, (Davis County Sheriff’s Office), hires part time medics and when POST , (Peace Officers Standards & Training),will be, that would help.
Thanks. Ps- I can call  or skype the 22, 24, 25, or 29th. Do you want me to skype the 25th around 5pm? That`s about when my companion will call. I still have time next week to make plans.... 

Ma-Yes, but I think we will use google hangouts, that’s what Thueson’s do.
I don`t know if I can use google hangouts on this account because the church has certain limitations.

Don`t worry. I`m happy I`m not home yet, too. Still lacks a little time. Tell Ryan to write me when he makes a little time. 
Ma-Ok i will. Love you. At storage looking through units to find stuff. All furniture etc is here. We sleep on mattress on floor
Welcome to the mission life. 
MA :( at least you know where your pants are. I have 1 pair!!!
I think you`re good on a few pictures for now. :) 
MA-I can't do much on that end because you have to do the post pre test. But i will get info

That`s fine but if you can get the info. I`m sure I`ll pass the pre test.... it`s like the ASVAB. Remember who you are talking to dear mother. 
MA-No kidding!! I just can't submit the applications without your tests.

look into it and we`ll talk next week. But if I get on at DCSO when would I go through post when I get home? Dates so that I can plan a little and see how it works. 

Love you. Gotta go. Tell the fam hello for me. 

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